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Ibert Front Mount Bicycle Baby Seat NEW Steering Wheel Bike Child Carrier Pink

Ibert Front Mount Bicycle Baby Seat NEW Steering Wheel Bike Child Carrier Pink

Ibert Front Mount Bicycle Baby Seat NEW Steering Wheel Bike Child Carrier Pink    Ibert Front Mount Bicycle Baby Seat NEW Steering Wheel Bike Child Carrier Pink
We have the newest model straight from iBert. With N ew padded steering wheel and Extended Leg Area Length. YES WE HAVE PLENTY OF THE NEW IBERTS IN STOCK! ALL REAR MOUNT SEATS ARE CLUMSY, HARD TO INSTALL, AND MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO WATCH YOUR PRECIOUS CARGO! IBert Front Mounted Baby Seat. The safe-T-seat is more than just a child carrier, its 6 years of work from a mother and father who were disappointed with the family bicycling options available. Bicycle trailers are great for us but not for the child. They couldnt see anything but the ground and when you close the front flap to keep dirt and sun out of their face, they got too hot. Plus, there was NOTHING exciting for them to see!

Most parents dont like the rear-mounted seats because their child just got to see their backs and it was difficult to talk to them. Again, NO FUN THERE TOO!

The balance of the bicycle was awkward and the safety concern made them nervous. The safety advantages of this seat are that you always control the bike when loading and unloading your child, you can see what your child is doing at all times, and the center of gravity is closer to the center of the bike making it easier to balance.

Anyone who has tried other front mounted seats knows they are complicated to hook onto the bike. And once you got them installed, it was another big problem if you ever wanted to take it off. The biggest problem most parents have with other front mounted seats is that they have to ride bow-legged and it was uncomfortable to ride for long periods of time. Everyone loves the idea of the front mounted seat but iBert changed it and made it better and easier for all families.

They made their patented stinger assembly easy to attach and remove from any bike. The seat sits higher and is smooth on the bottom. So even if your knees hit the bottom of the seat, they just glide along the smooth edges on the bottom.

Plus, you ar e able to get a trailer or trail-a-bike so one parent will be able to take both children for a ride. What could be better for a stay-at-home mom or dad!

This seat is made in the U. So quality and safety are their main objectives. Try the safe-T-seat and enjoy more interaction on your bike rides. Just think of all the stories you will share! The safe-T-seat is designed for children age 4 and under.

The minimum age is 12 months as the child needs to be able to sit up well and hold the weight of a helmet on his/her head. The maximum height of the child that can use the safe-T-seat is 42 inches. Kids much taller than that will be uncomfortable. The recommended max weight is 40 lbs.

Above 38 lbs and the maneuverability of the bike may be affected. Always check with your Doctor before putting any baby or child in any baby seat, trailer or stroller as all children are different. This evenly distributes weight over the bike giving a stable, safe ride. Kids enjoy the close interaction and the unobstructed view of the fun ahead.

Mounted conveniently on the handlebar stem; the high, forward position allows you to pedal in comfort without banging your knees on the seat. (One Stinger bracket is included with the seat, and all necessary hardware to install the seat on one bike). Fits most bicycles on the market today.

Mid-mounted seat provides a better center of gravity and increased mobility for adult rider. Features a three-point child safety harness system with quick attach/detach buckle with pivot lap bar for additional safety.

Better view for the child resulting in better protection from dust and dirt. Improved positioning allows better communication. Safety Tips for the Safe-T-Seat.

Always maintain control when loading and unloading your child. The easiest way to do this is to first straddle the bike and then put your child in the seat.

Most accidents with bike-mounted (rear or mid) child carriers happen because the bike is left supported by only a kickstand or leaning against something. Children riding in the safe-T-seat should be able to sit up by themselves while wearing a helmet. If the baby's neck is not strong enough to handle some jostling, your child shouldn't be in the safe-T-seat or any other bicycle child carrier.

Do not let your child hold on to anything while riding in the Safe-T-Seat. It is too easy for the child to drop things into your front wheel and cause an accident. Make sure all bolts, clips and pins are secured. A loose piece could cause trouble when riding.

Make sure the whole family is wearing helmets that meet the national safety standards. The helmet should sit squarely on the head so it covers the forehead and the straps should fit snugly under the chin. Remember - never use a helmet that has been involved in an accident. Ride on smooth trails that will be fun for you and your child.

If the weather is cold, wear warm clothes and put more layers on your child. Your child isn't getting a workout like you and will get cold. If the weather is hot, make sure your child has on sunscreen. Make sure your bicycle is well-maintained and check that the brakes are fully functional. When riding through neighborhoods, assume that the cars may not see you.

90% of bicycle-related deaths involve collisions with motor vehicles. You are a vehicle, act like one. Stop at stop signs (failure to bike riders to do so is the #3 cause of urban car/bike accidents). Go with the flow of traffic (riding against traffic is the #4 cause of urban car/bike accidents). Do not ride on sidewalks.

Do not pass cars on the right unless you have a free lane or wide shoulder. The closer your speed matches the speed of car traffic, the more you should take your place in traffic.

If you are traveling slower, keep out of the traffic lane - as far right as practicable. If you are traveling almost as fast as the cars, position yourself on the edge of the traffic stream. If you are traveling as fast as the cars, take your place in the lane. Do not ride fast near a curb. Do not ride closer that 5 feet from parked cars that may open doors in front of you.

Position yourself in an intersection so that it is obvious what your intentions are. If turning right, move toward the right edge of the road. If continuing ahead, stay as close to or in the traffic lane as your relative speed allows. Act like a car to merge safely with slow or moderately fast traffic.

Learn to merge - look back, assess when it is clear and signal your intentions. Do not attempt to merge with high speed traffic.

If you have to leave your path to avoid an obstacle, signal. Do not ride in the parking lane weaving in and out of parked cars.

We don't recommend riding at night but if you must, ride only with very good lights. You are 8 times more likely to have a fatal accident as riding in daylight. Make your bicycle glow using plenty of illumination lights, clearance lights, blinking tail lights, and reflective materials. Do not ride in the high speed traffic lane. Ride very defensively at dark intersections.

Do not ride in the lane at night on roads without shoulders. What's So Great About the iBert safe-T-seat? It's better than trailers. Child has a better view.

No dirt, dust, rocks or water thrown in child's face. Smaller and easier to attach.

It's better than rear-mounted seats. Easier/safer loading and unloading of your child. Similar construction to rear-mounted seats. One adult can take multiple children for bike rides.

It's better than other front mounted seats. Doesn't sit so low that your knees hit while pedaling. The iBert safe-T-seat installs in minutes. The patented stinger system attaches to your bike in just two minutes.

The seat can then be attached to the stinger in 15 seconds. And taking off the seat is just as quick. Will it fit your kids? Will it fit your bike? The safe-T-seat is the most adaptable child carrier on the market today.

It fits more bikes than any other front mounted seat. A minimum of 3/4 inch is needed on the handle bar stem to accommodate the stinger assembly. Does the safe-T-seat meet ASTM 1625-00 standards?

The safe-T-seat is designed to meet all 1625-00 standards, which it does. But ASTM 1625-00 is written for rear child carriers so front mounted seats do not apply at this time. One of our goals at iBert Inc. Is to petition and work with the ASTM to create a new ASTM standard for all front mounted seats that is above ASTM 1625-00. (One Stinger bracket is included with the seat, and all necessary hardware to install on one bike).

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Ibert Front Mount Bicycle Baby Seat NEW Steering Wheel Bike Child Carrier Pink    Ibert Front Mount Bicycle Baby Seat NEW Steering Wheel Bike Child Carrier Pink